Server/Network Plans
Flexibility for business 2017 and beyond.

In order for businesses to operate in an efficient and secure manner, servers require routine maintenance and upgrades. The X-Tech Server Maintenance plan includes OS patching, utilization check (RAM, CPU, Disk Space), hardware errors/failures, local backup.

Network devices require monitoring and tracking as well to provide full coverage of your network. Devices like switches, firewalls and printers are key components of your network. X-Tech Network Notifications can report on many things such as firewall appliance downtime, WiFi bandwidth utilization and uplink status to name a few. These notifications play an important role should issues arise that may affect multiple users.


X-Tech patch management is a centrally managed, remote Windows patching function via a cloud portal. With our patching service, updates can easily be approved or declined. Reporting is simple. Furthermore, you’ll have the peace of mind that your computers are always up to date.


X-Tech Proactive Monitoring service auto generates tickets based on PC issues (i.e. Ram, Hard drive).
Tickets are automatically submitted to X-Tech IT to fix issues before they become a problem.


Knowing what devices you have and what software/hardware is on the network can be taxing. With the X-Tech Asset Tracking Service, you can forecast equipment replacements/upgrades quickly and easily. Health reports, software audits and inventory reports can easily be generated to give you the information needed when making decisions on your technology.


Stuff happens . . . and when it does, X-Tech Critical Support Service is available when you can’t wait for your standard service delivery. When Critical Support issues arise, we start troubleshooting immediately to fix the problem, so you can get back to business.


Backing up your server is critical to retain your most current data in case of unexpected events such as equipment failure or power surges. Reliable backups should be the foundation of your disaster recovery plan. At X-Tech we go the extra mile in providing you with not only a solution to backup data, but we provide a solution that captures everything - Systems, applications, configuration settings, services, data and the operating system, so you experience minimal down time in the event of critical failure.

Time for a network upgrade?

We take a hands-on, on-site approach to design and build a sustainable network.